Directory Submissions
Directory Submissions: Our directory submission services ensure that each web directory we submit to is relevant to your site and is chosen based on pedigree and reliability. Each directory we submit to has been thoroughly researched and not blacklisted by any of the search engines. Learn more about our social bookmarking submission services.

Instructions to Change the Title Tag on your StoresOnline Website

  1. Each page has it's own title, make sure you understand that you are marketing one page, not an entire site.
  2. From the Pages top tab, double click the page you wish to market.
  3. On the Page Edit tab, the first three fields are Name, Title and Meta Title.
  4. Meta Title - The Meta title is included in the meta tags of the page. It is displayed as the title of the browser window. Also, many search engines use this title when listing your site.
  5. In the Meta title field paste the exact keyword phrase for which you are marketing that page.
  6. Example:
  7. Keyword phrase: MP3 car stereo
  8. URL:  
  9. Title: MP3 car stereo
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